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There is absolutely nothing that frustrates me more than computers.  It was a day of Nothing Accomplished because I’ve been fighting with my computer for weeks, delaying the submission of my book, Red Dirt In My Soul, to a publisher.  Time is running out, and while I hit “SUBMIT”, I couldn’t tell anything happened.

Did it go?  Did it not? Is there an email that says it was received? Is it the folder of photo illustrations that wouldn’t open, but I could drag and drop?  Should I just forget the photos?  Should I try it on my iPad?  Another browser? Is it my ten year old computer that is slowing down dramatically?  If I get rid of 10,000 photos would that help?  All my photos should be on an external hard drive, but are they?  If they’re on an external 2TB hard drive, that shouldn’t slow my computer, should it?

All I want to do is submit my stupid little book…

And blog on time… all my blogging is coming from my iPad… which isn’t that easy for me to do… transferring photos here, hoping they’re the best ones but I can only look at them on my camera’s small screen before they’re transferred…  then I posting at weird times… where did all my readers go?  It’s no wonder I want to pitch this all over the bank on occasion!

I’ll be all right… I will go out and take more photos… and “enjoy” this new snowstorm… and come back and try again.  You just get to be the lucky ones to hear me vent!  There is a video of our new bale feeder coming up, when I get to hating the computer stuff a little less!

Oh, and by the way, what time would you like to see my blog appear?  Late night?  Early morning? Mid Morning?  Do you read it on Facebook or directly off the internet?    Do you get it emailed directly to you?  Please let me know… and what time zone you’re in!


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  1. Hi Carol, I am in your time zone, but way down south of you in NM. I read your blog on the Internet, mostly everyday or two whenever I get onto the computer. The time I’m on it varies, but sometimes like tonight it is as 1:30 at night! I’m retired and am a night owl, I guess. My husband has been in bed asleep since 11:00 pm. I guess I should turn in also. I do really enjoy reading about your life and your family. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Carol, I am in the pacific time zone and read you in the morning with my coffee. Enjoy your blogs as the ranching used to be part of my life, but not to the large extent as yours is. Don’t know how you get everything done in each day!

  3. I am in the Central time zone. Early morning is fine. Also follow you on Facebook. Enjoy your blog so much. Do not give up!!

  4. I’m in the Pacific time zone. I check online whenever I get there. If there’s nothing posted, I check back later. I’m in awe of how you do so much, take and post pictures and have time to blog.

    I’m not on Face book — have stood up to pressure to go on.

  5. Oh dear. Digital stress and loosing an hours sleep to go to British Summer Time on Sunday and I get the timing WRONG!! WY is 7 hours behind me, in Middle England, now on BST. The worst time is the two or three weeks each March/November when we in the UK change our clocks. Not always the same date each year and not the same time as USA. So for those few weeks working out the time for you MT and my pen friend on CT is often a guess. Do I add or subtract from the normal 7/6 hour difference. Maybe I should have listened more in my math class !!!!!! And I only though to check my comment as I gazed out the window whilst washing up enjoying the light evening. Sorry everyone.

  6. I am on Pacific Time, also retired time . I follow you on FB but don’t go there too often. I like seeing an email from you in my inbox. You are my dose of daily Wyoming and I thank you for that!!

  7. I’m over the mountain to the east of you. You can publish anytime you want! I’ll read it when I see a new post. Thanks for all the interesting posts.

  8. Hi Carol,
    I get the notice in email and then read every morning with my cup of coffee! Using my iPad.
    I am in eastern time zone. Been following your blog since that blizzard that caught everyone by surprise years ago. I also am not a FB user Twitter etc. old fashioned I guess!
    Thanks for all the time you take for us to see and share in your wonderful western life!!!

  9. I connect here through Facebook and email both, whichever I get first, or when convenient. I have no preferred time of day, since I have the time at different times of day. I’m on Pacific time.

  10. I’m a displaced westerner, living unhappily in eastern time zone. But it is what it is so in view of that I greatly enjoy your blogs, usually in the mornings when I go to my ‘favorites’ bar to get my ‘ranch fix.’ Facebook is not now and has never been a part of my life. We have family ties to WY and one of the cousins there told me of you and pointed me toward your blog which is wonderful reading. Every day. The photos are terrific and especially enjoyable when you make a puzzle of them. Thank you!

  11. Eastern time. Email. Anytime is fine with me. I nearly always read your posts. Not too long and great pictures. Love pictures of the old home stomping grounds.

  12. Read your blog from Central Time Zone. You have usually posted by the time I have checked email, and If not I just whine for a few seconds and go about my business and check back later. I think you should to upload your blogs whenever it fits into your day. You are one of the few bloggers I follow who posts virtually every day, and I am amazed at how you manage that with the rest of your busy life. And I am grateful for your diligence – I appreciate knowing that there will always be some new Red Dirt to read about.

    Book? You are writing a book? How did I miss that announcement? Really looking forward to that!

  13. Hi Carol, I live in the Eastern time zone and get usually read your blog
    from the email, since I don’t do a lot of Facebook. And I enjoy looking back through your archives also. I count on reading everyday, and I think it usually comes on the day your blog. A ten-year old computer must be really slowing down with all those pictures!! My repairman tells me to run the disc cleaner every couple of weeks…and to delete the history, too.

  14. Ohhhh this digital stress. I sympathise with you. I stopped working 7 years ago and ‘lost’ my technical support. There was always someone in the office / building who could help with phone, wifi and computer problems. Not so easy now. I’m 7 hours behind you – UK Summertime. I usually check your blog in my afternoon or evening and follow you on Twitter. If I’m out then I catch up a couple of days at a time. I love your scenic photos. Thank you for all your blog posts and photos.

  15. Hey, Eastern time zone. I get an email telling me of your blog, but it’s usually a day behind. I just click through to see the next post. I also see you on fb. Your world is totally foreign to me, and I love seeing it!

  16. Carol, I will adjust my reading time to when you post, I am just grateful that you do post since you have such a busy life. I also think that posting about your lifestyle is an important contribution to society. Like Liza stated, she and I’m sure many others are unaware of what a ranching life style involves. I am very lucky in that I had the privilege of helping your one time neighbor with the lambing process – back when you and Vern were first married. I not only enjoyed the company and the sunshine but the people and the work. That’s where I learned the basic concept that common sense is regional. What’s common sense in Minnesota isn’t in Wyoming so a real eye opener.

    Readers, let’s show Carol how much we appreciate her and make sure we do any Amazon buying using her link to help her afford a new computer, which I suspect would make things easier for her.

  17. Eastern time zone. I get an email telling me of your blog, but it’s usually a day behind. I just click through to see the next post. I also see you on fb. Your world is totally foreign to me, and I love seeing it!

  18. I read it from FB, I read it from email notices. I browse through your archives from time to time. Pacific time here.

  19. I feel your pain, my new computer has a mind of its own! I still like & use my old think pad on windows 7, might be slow,but I’m still its boss- I’m central zone & get your e-mails in the morning, really enjoy seeing your ranch & everything you all do!!

  20. I look forward to them in the morning. I’m on Pacific time. I get an email telling me that you have blogged. Your blogs are my pick-me-up with my coffee. By the by Lark is spayed. I think three litters are enough. She is the boss dog now. Love her dearly. Thank You.

  21. I’m in your time zone; waving from northern Absaroka County right now! I kind of like coming home from work and seeing posts. I figure it gives you time from the day before to sort your stuff out and get it ready. I read it off FB. Keep up the great work and I’ve got an 8lb sledge when you get ready to upgrade the computer.

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