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Oh, heavens!  You guys made my day leaving all those wonderful comments and stories for me to read!  I wish you would leave comments like that all the time… sometimes it feels kind of lonely here… but yesterday!  What a crowd!  Thank you so, so, So Much!

The consensus seems to be… you will read my posts whenever I get them done!  That made me laugh, but I appreciate your patience!  I usually write at night but have them post in the morning… that is, unless I tip over too early on the couch and head to bed!  If I’m late in the morning, it’s often because I had a technical problem… yesterday’s movie, for instance… I tried to upload it three times before I quit and went to bed.  Then I stole a few minutes at work to make sure it would upload this morning!  Shhhhsshhh.  Don’t tell my boss!

We woke to 8” or so of heavy, wet snow… just when it was getting dry enough to wear real boots, not rubber ones!  Vernon headed out early to check on calves.  He’s been getting 7 or 8 calves a day.  Although he usually works 7 am until 6 pm (yes, 8-5 sounds very appealing) … you should know by now that ranchers don’t give a hoot what time the clock says!  Gratefully, nothing had a hard time being born in the snow!

I, on the other hand, am still putting in four days a week at the library… and I’m thrilled to still have daylight to do things when I get home after work!

Thanks again for all your replies to my question… and if you have questions… send them my way, and I’ll do a new Q and A post after the first of April.




So, So, So — 7 Comments

  1. When you post about the weather, I sort of “know” what we will be expecting a few days later! We are expecting some (not a lot) of snow on Easter Sunday.
    I’m ready to put my shovel and snow-blower A-W-A-Y! 🙂

  2. I’m with you and the extra daylight in the evening. It’s so nice to do stuff, even the washing up, looking out at the garden. In winter my body is ready for bed as soon as it gets dark and that gets silly when it’s only 6pm!!! I don’t do Facebook but follow you on Twitter as well as having your blog as a bookmark.

  3. Hi, Carol! I missed the chance to reply to your questions a couple of posts back. I usually read your blog every day, but am sick with a cold and fever right now, so I’m off my game! Here goes…
    I read your blog on the internet – I have it bookmarked, so just check it whenever I get a chance and see if something new posted. So, I don’t care what time you post! 🙂 I am in Wyoming – so MDT!

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