#TBT: Negative Help

This #tbt is a bit different.  I saw on the internet the other day, an easy way to view negatives…  and I have a lot of old negatives!

Using a light table, which I have, thanks to my friend, J., simply place the negatives on the light table.

If you have an iPad, it has a cool little feature under Accessibility tab that inverses everything.  Open up the camera app, and you can look at the screen, and a negative of a negative is a positive!  All of the photos now look normal.

Of course, I wanted to save all the photos now, so I simply pushed the button to take a photo.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work.  What the camera saw, was not what was on the screen.  Hmmmm.  Ok, if it was on the screen, maybe I could take a screen shot?  No, that didn’t work either!  Somehow, there had to be a way…

Remember when you first got an iPad and you played with Photobooth, that fun little app that did funny things to your photos?  Well, it has an X-ray option.  I used that, and, voila!

It works!

So, to recap… place your negative on the light table, use an X-ray photo app, and take a pic of that old negative!  Just like that, old cowboys appear… ready to ride off and gather cattle for branding.


#TBT: Negative Help — 5 Comments

  1. That is so cool! I wonder if there’s an android app that’ll do the same thing. I could have lots of fun. Do you suppose it works in color?

    You have the neatest things on this blog!

  2. That is the coolest thing EVER! I am thinking that my mother has a box of old negatives. What fun we are going to have when I visit her this summer. Thanks for sharing this!

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