There was part of today that was gorgeous… Vernon and I loaded up and went to check one of our pastures… looking at grass height, fence conditions, and breathing some fresh air!

Soon enough, the rain clouds started rolling in, and we started for home.

“Wait,” I said.  “Where are those elk in the crack?”

”What?  You haven’t seen them?”

Sigh.  Last year, Vernon was shown the bodies of two bull elk who, supposedly while in a mating rut frenzy, fell into a rock crack and were stuck.  He assumes I’m with him, because he knew I wanted to see it so badly… but I wasn’t!  It was a shock for me to remind him I’d been left behind that day!

These pics may not be for everyone… mummified elk aren’t very pretty.

Due to the threat of rain showers, we didn’t go look from above, we’d have had to drive around and hike… so you can only see the one bull from this angle.  It is amazing in a sad, brutal, Mother-Nature-can-be-cruel kind of way.

Squeamish people gone yet?


Yes, sometime I will get a view from above.


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  1. Well, nature is not all pretty flowers and sunsets, that’s for sure. What a tragic ending for these majestic creatures. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Sad, but seems strange that they were way up on those rocks when they were fighting.?? You got a remarkable and unusual photo.

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