Why’s and Wherefore’s

Nothing like being late to the party, and everyone’s gone!

I was 15 minutes later than I should have been, and the guys had already left the barn to move our first bunch of cows.  And they didn’t have my my horse saddled either! 😉. I zoomed, and caught up to help them pair up.

One thing we’ve figured out… it seems to be much easier to move little bunches of cows and young calves at a time.  You make many more trips, but we don’t seem to have as many wrecks!

It also provides Tess, Megan, and I opportunities to take turns, plus Jaxon and Quinlan… and even the little girls to ride home with their daddies.  If you throw Johnny and Vernon in there on their four wheelers… and Reagan with a rotating adult in the side by side… we have quite the parade!

Nothing like short easy trips to instill a love of cowboying!  Much better than Daniel’s hellacious first exposure at the age of five!

Even when the rambunctious steers broke away from us, and Jaxon and I had to wait for their return (He’s not quite to the “hellbent for leather” stage), He was all about learning the why’s and wherefore’s while we waited.  It’s very gratifying to see the love and interest these kids have already!


Why’s and Wherefore’s — 7 Comments

  1. I just loved seeing that pony’s unruly mane and short but alert ears ….. and the boy with a firm hand on the ‘roping rein’ and the saddle horn with the other. Your comments on the cow forgetting she had a calf and the ‘system’ for getting her to remember it was very well put. Love your blog — keep up the good work.

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