Shoulda Coulda

Well, it started nice… it shoulda been a great day, it coulda been a beautiful day, so I started working outside and I raked some and mowed some and then couldn’t rake because the wind was stronger than I was!  (Okay, only 45 mph, so just a breeze for most of Wyoming…)

I spent the rest of the day inside… burning away on some spoons, and visiting with Tess and kids while she borrowed my laundry facilities.  Finally, the wind let up, and I moseyed over to visit with little Jackpot… more on him tomorrow.

Seems like these last days of April are the calm before the storm… lots to do heading our way!  Farming, cowboying, library-ing, and branding all coming up!

Speaking of storms… 12”-15” of snow is predicted in the Big Horns tomorrow… Let’s hope it stays up high, and we can simply carry on.


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  1. Gorgeous chicken photo, Carol! Makes me miss my little flock in Maine. When I moved to Wyoming, I gave them to good friends/neighbors of ours, so I’ll visit them (the friends AND the chickens!) this summer! 🙂

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