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2013.  Seriously.  It was 2013 when I found out about hugelkultur and decided I’d give it a shot!  Everyone wanted me to test drive it, and avoid the work themselves… well, five years later, I think it’s a success… and now I’m five years ahead of “everybody”!  Posting on my iPad doesn’t let me link to old posts, and my desktop computer is in the shop… so if you want to look at my old posts, scroll down, and there’s a search box… type in that weird hugelkultur word, and it’ll bring up my long ago posts on it!

Hugelkultur is the premise that using logs in a compost pile situation, or lasagna gardening, will aid in water retention and decomposition.  Wyoming is dry country.  Compost takes years, not months to create.  Hugelkultur would move that along.  My hugelkultur was outlined with logs, and various sizes of logs were used on the interior as well.  Over the years, I’ve added all my lawn clippings and leaves, some dirty straw bedding from my chicken coop, bark, seedless weeds, pretty much everything.  I stopped adding my chicken compost, as it encouraged chickens, dogs, and other four footed critters to enter and dig up my hugelkultur bed!  I composted them elsewhere and then added it!

I’m now using this process in other flower beds because it works.

Here’s my five year video!


Hugelkultur Video — 3 Comments

  1. I found this while clearing out my inbox, missed it before. But, YAY and thank you for sharing, this does look so wonderful!

  2. I have been composting for years, leaves and vedgie trimmings,coffee grounds & filters, no grass clippings, I use weed killer spray,not good to compost treated grass, only water it gets is rain, stir it once or twice a year, turns into the best “dirt”!

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