Bee Sorry

It’s official.

There are no bees that overwintered in my Bee Barn.  I was worried that my new queens wouldn’t make it… and the spring was long and cold.

Losing bees is part of beekeeping… and I have to say it’s not the fun part.  Even the local bee business got hit hard this year, and they weren’t selling any bees, just to build their own numbers back up.

Should any of you be contemplating trying your hand at becoming a beek… please do so.  I think you’ll be amazed at the bees, the process, the meditative quality of the time spent working your few hives.  It really impressed me!

I may buy some bees in the future, but this year the Bee Barn will remain quiet unless a swarm flies by!  The wax is harvested except for a few fresh combs… just in case!

  1. This year, I might do some investigating of native bees… and buy some honey from the professionals.  Thanks, girls, it was an interesting few years.


Bee Sorry — 5 Comments

  1. I hope you’ll try again in the future…for the bees, and for your readers who like to live vicariously through your ranch adventures. 🙂

  2. I am very sorry for you; you did so much research and work to make it work.
    And I enjoyed learning what you shared about bees. I think giving it a rest
    for a while is fine. Then later on you can try it again!

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