#TBT: Kinda Sorta

To switch it up a bit from those classic black and whites of long ago ranching…

This #tbt is actually from May 2018’s English Shepherd calendar.  So current, but not… You might just recognize Miss Dally and Daniel.  The photo is two years old.

Hope you’re keeping everyone from having fun in heaven, Dally!  You tried so hard here on earth! You were one of the best Fun Police I’ve ever known.  Whatever makes YOU happy… rest happy, old girl!

Last chance for questions for the next Q and A… I don’t have that many… c’mon, folks!

I hope this #tbt works… kinda sorta!


#TBT: Kinda Sorta — 7 Comments

  1. I don’t know if you have the question I asked about the white calf (or calves) on your list, but in case not, what do you do with them?

  2. Did you hear that our Buffalo Bills football team has hired Josh Allen from Wyoming! Looks like a good fit. (sorry my question is not “ranch related” this time!)

  3. What do you think killed off your bees? Cold, insufficient food to get through the winter, disease, parasite(s)?

  4. I have a question about your “bee barn” are there regular “box” hives inside, or do the bees build a hive like they did many years ago in an old building on our farm, thanks, Paul

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