I received a Fitbit and two gorgeous flower bouquets for Mother’s Day.

And a very, very nasty stomach bug.  I’m not sure who gave me that, but I’d tan their little hide if I could!  It also means I’m gonna miss branding.

Not what I would have chosen … if I had a choice!

I hope your Mother’s Day is better!


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  1. I am sorry your Mother’s Day was a sickly one, but hoping you got better soon. I had a wonderful one because my daughter and son-in-law from out of town surprised me when they appeared at my door Friday evening. What a lovely surprise that was. (My other daughter and son-in-law live out of town also.) It felt so good that at least one of my daughters was with me for Mother’s Day! Joyful!

  2. So sorry you are not your usual perky self. Must be just awful to miss the branding day. You’ve always given us readers such a first hand look at that day! Hope someone “covers” for you as reporter!! Get well soon.

  3. It was probably one of the cows! Actually something you ate (that you didn’t cook). Hope you’re feeling better now.

  4. Ohhhh not a nice way to spend Mothers Day. So here is something to cheer you up. I had a VERY,VERY VERY special Birthday surprise last week. I had NO idea what my family had planned since Christmas until I walked in my daughters living room. There was my sister, videoing and FaceTiming as I walked into the room to find ……….. My family had flown my American pen friend of 50 years to the UK . There were, and still are many many tears and hugs and laughter and will be for the next few weeks. This meant that she was not with her daughter’s on Mothers Day, but thanks to social media there were lovely messages. Get well soon Carol.

  5. Bummer. Who does all the food when you can’t? Looks like a nice day for branding but the showers were nice, too.

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