Mamma keeping an eye on things… while her calf is being branded.

When you’re four… it’s more fun to crawl through the gate (multiple times, actually), than to have it opened for you!

D.  owns the herd Brandon leases from.  She’s been here forever.  She’s a hard working woman!

Showing off the Lazy L 1 and the Y8.

The smallest things can mess up a good photo… like a weed head!


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  1. What a fun picture of those girls. A lot of your pictures really take me back and make me wish I was really back in my childhood for a bit. Definitely more fun to crawl through the gate when you’re little enough to do it! I like the look of that Y8 calf.

  2. Carol, I have a question — what are “leased cows or herd” that you mentioned that Brandon had? Just how does that work and why? I’m glad to hear that you are getting better from your sickness siege, that sounded like a bad one! Ugh!

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