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You all know I’m on Instagram… and I enjoy it.  Pretty pictures everywhere.  If you’re interested, you can click on my link on the right and go look, no account required.

But, human nature being what it is… I still look at how many people like my photos.  I shouldn’t do that, but I do. Why?  Why do I do that?  There’s plenty of amazing photographers out there… plenty who shoot ranch life and cows and horses and cowboys who really dress as cowboys… I’m not that outstanding and I can accept that.

But once in a while, I have a pretty cool photo.  I think, wow… this is unique.  Lots of people will like it.  And rarely do I have more than fifty people like a photo. Same with the photo I posted yesterday.  I mean, I don’t walk around depressed or cry or rage at the unfairness of it all… but what is it with us, that begs for recognition?  Would I be happy with 200?  500?  When would I think, yup, this is the pinnacle… 1000 people like my photo?

I wish sometimes that “likes” could be turned off on these devices.

Then I think, I should make myself happy… if I think it’s a cool photo, what do I care if no one else gives a fig?

The next step is: well, if it’s not good enough for people to like it, what should I do differently? Boost color, turn it into black and white, crop it differently?

Where do you lie on the spectrum?  Do you know people crushed by the lack of online “likes”? Do you get the “forget them” attitude? Or does it push you to do better? Be better?

I know where I want to be… I want to be better.  Everyday.  I accept there are people more creative and talented, and that I should be grateful for where, who, and what my talents are.  I want to improve by watching those I admire, not by tearing them down, but by emulating them.  My voice should be raised to lift other people up.  Period.  Sometimes maybe I need to be quiet.  And at peace.  And be thrilled that I have a brief chance to take unique photos in a unique place.

This is the pic that started this psycho social rant…

Buffalo wallows standing full of springtime moisture.  It’s a very cool photo!




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  1. I love all your photos Carol as they are SO different from my middle England environment. Though it must be said everywhere is so very green and lush at the moment with the warm weather we have been having. Keep the photos coming. You should do a Red Dirt photo book for the coffee table.

  2. Knowing that those are Buffalo Wallows makes it much more interesting to me. I would not have realized it otherwise.

  3. I think there are many people like me. I rarely comment on your post photos but I find them fun, lovely, artistic and engaging. Your photos cover so many aspects of you life, your children, your grandchildren, the husband too and the lovely unique place you live. So for all the “likes” you get, there are probably 3 times as many that are amazed, have giggle or smile and just enjoy what you have presented 🙂

  4. This is a shot that many others may have just passed by in favor of a more spectacular cliff or sunset, etc., but I find it complete and satisfying in every way: it has a good sense of composition, shooting it in color shows the beauty of the sky and the landscape, and having your explanatory caption that the depressions were made by rolling buffalo gives this photo a very specific sense of place and history. I agree, it’s a very cool photo. I always enjoy your photography and writing.

  5. I think online attention is so arbitrary. You really can’t count on logic playing a role so often. I am not on Instagram. I love so many of your photos. They are a large reason why I’ve followed your blog and facebook so long. This photo isn’t the sort of thing that appeals to me though, so I don’t know if I would “like” it if I were on Instagram. I think we’re all safest just enjoying the online accolades IF they come, and knowing that on a different day it could be an entirely different outcome if the likes don’t come.

  6. I think not “giving a fig” is the very best path. For instance, I don’t have Instagram, so I have no way to “like” your photos, other than to comment occasionally on your website. 🙂 Otherwise, I’d probably like ’em all!

  7. Carol I too think it is a great photo, all of yours are though. I think what adds value to a photo is the viewers reference. For example I can really appreciate not only the colors and the placement of the objects in the frame but also how very precious water is for you so that adds value to the picture for me.

    In response to your question about social media likes, yes the number of likes I got did affect me. Times when I was already feeling insecure the lack of ‘likes’ would spoil my day, other times there was no effect. However, because I felt a need to take care of myself I canceled all my social media. Not only did it affect my well being but so did the amount of time I spent on it stop me from doing more meaningful activities.

    I do miss the positive aspects of social media but need this time for gaining personal strength. I’ve always perceived you as a strong person so don’t give the ‘likes’ a second thought and keep on keeping on as the saying goes.

  8. It is a great photo. I’ve been out west many, many times and my husband worked on ranches in Mt and Or. We’re coming out again this summer. We never tire of it. Im envious of those that get to live that hard working life everyday!

  9. I expect to see this picture
    on the History channel as an example of alien space craft landing sites!

    • UFO landing pads…my warped thought, too! Really cool that they were buffalo wallows. Always love your storied photos. This one best in color.

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