#TBT: Backstory

I’d like to know the backstory here…

Work’s over… time to listen to some music?

Instruments of choice?

You work, we’ll play!

What do you think?

*Picture from negative, no date, no names*


#TBT: Backstory — 5 Comments

  1. And you recognize the barn???? The boy in the middle and taller guy on the left have the same style of boots on. Whatever that might mean…..same family???

  2. Looks as if this is the pre-bonfire musical interlude? Cold weather makes a guitar hard to keep in tune and the boots look to be newer than 1930s but who knows. They’re enjoying themselves, to be sure. Is this barn still standing?

  3. Accordian, guitar, and harmonica make a fun music combo! I wonder who the boss of this group is? (the one in the middle with the AXE!!!!!) 🙂

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