Wyoming has been blessed with rain.  Too much in a few places!  We received .75”.  I know, the fact that Wyomingites count the rain in hundredths of an inch, should tell you something… but it is amazing what 3/4” of rain can do to this country!

The rainstorm did hold off for longer than it was supposed to, giving the boys a few more hours to finish up AI-ing while dry… well, except for the last few!  Megan wrote a great story about it over on the Big Trails Beef Blog… click the link to read it!

I managed to get my garden in just in time to let it be watered by Mother Nature… and I made a little time to create a few more spoons… This little folklore jackalope is my current favorite!


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  1. Glad you’ve had some rain. On Sunday the Big city where I was born had a month of rain in an hour. Thankfully very localised, but cars were floating down the road. Your spoon is wonderful. Love the AL photos of previous posts. Just catching up now my US friend is on her way home after a wonderful three weeks in the UK.

  2. Rain is such a blessing in the West. I hope that it prolongs your cheerful mule ears. lovely lupine, and other late spring wildflowers.

  3. You’ve surely made friends with this jackalope (jackalopette?;-)) – he/she/it looks so cute and affable!

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