Old Cowhands

With branding accomplished, it’s been time to move the cattle out to various pastures.  Some go here… some go there… Some are easy, short rides… some not so much!  It just depends.  All of our property is not contiguous.  While it would be nice, back in the early days everyone knew to mimic the wildlife, and utilize grass at its peak, and then let it rest and regrow.  We’ve followed that tradition, so there are lower pastures down here, midrange pastures halfway up the mountain, and top pastures, well, on top!

For those little short rides, we gain a couple of extra cowboys for additional help.

And, yes, that thin blanket on Quinlan’s pony is regular horse sized…

Don’t they look like they’ve been doing it forever?

Lorelei even got to ride with her dad for a bit.

They just sit there talking, yawning, stretching, and just acting like today is nothing special… just a couple of old cowhands shooting the breeze!  But my, oh, my… what a delight to see them out there!


Old Cowhands — 9 Comments

  1. Perty day for working and being old cowhands! Nice camera shots. I’m wondering what the boys are “consulting” about in by the Red Rocks!

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