For History’s Sake

Someday this will be someone’s #Throwback Thursday… before it gets too far away from branding… I wanted to post this of our crew this year for our big branding.

Left to right:

Jordan Bush (Myles Bush had left), Barry Gouger, Clinton Breeden, Tessia Greet, Lacee Greet, Brandon Greet, Daniel Greet, Jaxon Greet, Ben Longhofer, Vernon Greet, Carol Greet, Justin Lewton, John Greet, Beau Jackson on “Dollar”, Bo Nichols, Bill Farmer on “Carmel”, Ben Schwarz, Jon Beck, Jason Weichmann, Victoria Davis with Wyatt Davis on her lap, Jediah Risch, Matt Davis, Matthew Davis, Waylon Davis, Ephraim Risch, Caleb Risch, Chuck Powell, unnamed horse!

Photo taken by Denese Gouger.



For History’s Sake — 4 Comments

  1. What a fine tribute to the branding group, Carol. Thanks for sharing and a big Hello! to them all from one of your admiring followers down in New Mexico!

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