Wood Burning

I was asked how I did my wood burned spoons…

It’s pretty straightforward.

First comes the design.  I wander around the internet, finding t-shirt slogans or signs or anything that happens to jump out at me.  I try to find subjects that might apply to my customers… western patterns like my tooled leather look, outdoor/camping ideas, cooking (of course), Wyoming symbols like buffalo and jackalope…   You get the idea.

I just try to use the ideas and then expand on them and make them mine.

The idea is then lightly pencilled onto the spoon, and I get my woodburners heating.  I usually have a wide tool and a finer one for more detail.

Here is a time lapse video of a simple design.

I put the main pattern on the back of the spoon, and a smaller one on both the handle and front.



Wood Burning — 4 Comments

  1. Fascinating. Just done my first zentangle!! A mini ‘Walt’s’ cowboy hat. The plan is to enlarge the hat to match the cowboy boot that a friend zentangled for a birthday gift. Wow! Might need better reading glasses when I do the larger version.

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