#TBT: Lysite Return

We are preparing to sell our steers on Northern Livestock Video sale.  It is the “Early Summer Special” sale and will be broadcast on cattleusa.com.  The sale is Friday, June 29th. This is our big payday… and we’re happy to encourage any new buyers out there that would like to bid on our steers!

Their catalog description looks like this:

See all that stuff on the bottom???  All Natural.  GAP4.  NHTC.  Northern Gold.

Those are all programs and certifications that we’ve worked hard to pursue… You can look them up to see their rules… but basically it means we work hard to handle these steers correctly, safely, and in an “all natural” way.

I’m not getting into it more because this is #TBT… and we should be talking about historical ranch photos!  Well, back in the day…

Instead of selling on the internet and hauling them away in semis… They used to trail their yearlings to Lysite, Wyoming to board the train for Chicago.  I think it took three days of camping out with the herd to get them there.  They continued that until Vernon was a baby… But this photo has a date of 1948 on it… Vernon’s not that old!

The cattle are loaded on the train cars, the horses get loaded into the truck for a ride home.  Now we did this in a different truck when I got here… it’s what you did before horse trailers.  But the truck we used was higher sided!!!  This looked a little shaky to me, and then I read the back of the picture.

“Lysite Greet Brothers (as we were called back then) Ford truck hauling camp back from Lysite, Wyoming after loading steer yearlings on train.  On way back, John’s horse “Spinner” jumped out but was OK.  1948″

I love it when people write on photos!!!!


#TBT: Lysite Return — 7 Comments

  1. What a tale to tell! 🙂 My Mom faithfully wrote on the back of most pictures she has, and I’m so glad now that she did! She’s glad as well, since much of the time she can’t remember the details.

  2. You are so right about always writing on the back of photos. I have many that I would loved to know who they were way back when.

  3. once again,thanks for the early pictures, just imagine hauling horses that way now, I checked Northern Video, says your steers are very gentle, should bring top dollar!! good luck! I’ll be watching-

  4. Loved this oldie and the notation too. Wonder if truck was moving when Spinner sprinted over and out? A truck not unlike that one was on the ranch where I was raised. It had vertical huge boards, almost logs, for the ‘rack’ in order to prohibit Spinner type escapades be they bovine or equine. Also that rack was taller so horses heads could not be over it which perhaps lessened the temptation to ‘jump ship.’ Thank you for sharing this one — it made my morning and also made me wonder what Spinner looked like and moreover what kind of ride he was! Probably best trail horse on the place ….?. Did you know “John” whose horse that was?

  5. Great picture and caption. They certainly had skill and cooperation: skill to
    get the horses in that truck in just the right way, and cooperation from the horses. Glad Spinner was OK, and that you have this interesting photo.

  6. Love these old pictures. Can’t believe Spinner was OK after jumping out! Wish someone had written on some of the pictures my Sister and I have been trying to organize for our Ancestry tree.

  7. Yikes! That would be just our luck. We’ve done some truck hauling of horses back a “few” years. It was always challenging to find a good bank to back up to to load and unload. Good wishes on your sales..

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