Change of scenery for my not so baby chicks…

It’s a handy place to start baby chicks… out my front door a few steps… but they’re almost a month old, and they’re ready for more space.

Into the dog crate they go for their short journey.

They’re a mix of Red Sex Links, Buff Rocks, and New Hampshire Reds.  Plus that one freebie that looks like Spot, a white Brahman, most likely.

Eden was overly excited… and the chicks were not impressed.

This is only 1/6 of their available space… and they’ll stay here a few weeks before making the leap to the coop and the outdoors as free range girls!


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  1. Carol, looks good for chicks. You know how to raise them. I am sure Eden is a big help. 100 degress here, but that is summer in Kansas. Sharon Drake south central Kansas

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