Another Bunch

Moving and working another bunch of cows…

Sunrise shadows of Daniel and I.

Gathering off of Ritchie’s Flat.

Deciding to go around Daniel’s pretty fields than risk trampling them down.

Making it around the corner with Brandon in the lead, opening the gate.

Double click on photos to make them larger if you’d like!


Another Bunch — 9 Comments

  1. What a beautiful new baby girl!!! I was gone back east for 7mos and had no computer access so hadn’t heard about the new princess. Congrats to all!!

  2. Carol, could not sleep very good last night and about 4 am turned on tv and western Mavrick was on in black and white. It was in town Ten Sleep. That was name on windows of some buildings. Take care Sharon Drake. south central kansas

  3. These pictures made my Monday morning because I can have a special horseback ride that suburban life doesn’t afford! Love the exceptionally colorful first picture. Have a great day!

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