Ninety three major fires are burning.  If you’re curious as to where, when, and how much is contained, or not… this map is the place to go.

Click here.

While the majority are far away from Wyoming, it still leaves my view from the mountain looking like this.

I’d say it’s just about as bad as when Yellowstone burned in 1988… though at least there isn’t ash sifting down.

My heart goes out to those fighting these fires…


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  1. We don’t see the mountain here either! I really feel sorry for the thousands that have been evacuated in CA, many having lost their homes!

  2. We didnt have this happen years ago when companies were allowed to log out forests, and cattle and sheep were allowed to graze out lands.the 40 years are a very poor example of forest management.

  3. It is very sad to see and hear about all of the fires in the west. My daughter and son-in-law are near Sacramento and can see and smell the smokey haze there from the fires. And we all are so thankful and grateful for all of the firefighters who put their lives at risk fighting those fires.

    • my older daughter and son in law live near Boulder Creek, just north of Santa Cruz, their home is surrounded by trees & under growth, makes for a worried dad-

  4. We haven’t been able to see our Sierras for over a month now. Just the last couple of days we were finally able to see blue sky.

  5. I share your thoughts and concerns for firefighters, paramedics and those affected by the fires. The fires this summer in the UK were a reminder of what others go through every year. Stay safe.

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