I Can Share!

I did this little gem of a “spoon” for a gift.  Since it’s been given and received, I can now share with you.

I’m pretty happy with the results, although it was traumatic making it.  In wood burning there’s really no erasing.  Oh, sure, you can sand some light burns away, but that’s not very precise.  If you slip or shake while drawing a mountain scene, just turn it into another tree or rock.  When you’re doing a portrait it’s not like you can add a third eye!

I was going to work it more, but I was afraid of the slip!

Pocket is also a mainly white dog, especially his face.  That leaves you with just shading to portray his sweet face.  There’s some black spots on his ears… anyway… he’s done… and I’m happy!


I Can Share! — 33 Comments

  1. What a great job! I am sure that gift will always be treasured.
    It is better to slightly scrape with a sharp blade to fix boo-boos than sand. Try it. I bet you will agree.

    P.S. can I send you some portraits of my cats? 😉

    • Ah, and then it becomes a job, and when I find other things to do… and there’s paperwork… ish. I would just rather spoil people!

  2. You are truly amazing. Such talent, and in so many fields! (fields? areas?) This chef-d’oeuvre is a gem for sure, incredible. I can imagine the joy it brought to the recipient – for a lifetime, I’d say. Phenomenal.

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