#TBT: School Days

Left to right: Ralph Chamberlain, Gary Mills, Bonnie Greet, Rodney Greet, ?Ronald Smith

about 1948

Greet School ?


#TBT: School Days — 6 Comments

  1. What a wonderful photo. Children today would be better off learning in that environment, in a world without social media and overcrowded classrooms, where teachers could give their attention to each student as needed.

  2. Oh, I just love seeing that old photo–seeing what it was like “back then.”
    Are you all related to the Greets in the photo? (just wondering)

  3. I’m also from a small country school attended by ancestors, but did not have to share a desk. That might have been trying had one been assigned the kid on the far left as a seat mate. His body language scrams “disruption!” Did he surprise one and all by growing up into a model citizen?

  4. I went to a one country school , one big room & 2 smaller coat rooms, had to carry water from a neighbor farm & 2 out houses, & on Halloween they always got tipped over, usually several times, myself & one girl were the last to graduate 8th. grade before the school closed, my grandparents also attended that school, Columbia # 4 , rural Tama, Iowa,, wouldn’t trade that for anything!

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