#TBT: Dusty Corral

This shot from the 1930’s shows a dusty corral and a head catch.  The calves are little, and one guy might be holding a calf… at least that’s the position you take at branding to hold a calf.  I’m not sure what’s going on… but the dusty corral was us on Wednesday!

They weaned the calves and I guess it was bad!

I was working in my clean library so I missed it, but I have been there/done that.  And we know, as evidenced here, that it’s gone on around here for a looonnnngg time!


#TBT: Dusty Corral — 2 Comments

  1. I was on a 2 hour trail ride in Estes Park middle of the day today, hot just riding, I had thoughts about the folks doing ranch work & on horse back all day, thank’s for your hard work to put food on Our plate!

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