Testing Video Link

So… it’s easy to upload a video to Facebook.

I’m trying to see if I can link to it here, so everyone can see it… even those of you who aren’t on Facebook!

Testing to see how well this works… If I upload a video here, then link to it on my blog… it should work, right? People don’t have to have a Facebook account, or do they? But it will make them click through instead of just playing on my blog post? Oh, the questions!Two cow elk and their calves are spotted through the trees on my ride gathering cows last week. Not one of my best videos from horseback, but this will work for my test link from Facebook! Oh, if you listen over my camera noise… you can hear the cow elk snorting at me!

Posted by Red Dirt In My Soul on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Well, it looks like the correct link came through, so I will post this short video of some elk through the trees, just to see if I did this right and you let me know if it works for all of you!



Testing Video Link — 12 Comments

  1. works good, never get tired of elk!, I’ve been in Rocky Mt. Park this week,elk are really active here, saw 2 bulls fighting the other day!

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