Part Two Q&A

Well, my video from yesterday was long… but I continued to chat along, making various short movies from my day… so I’m posting them on Facebook and linking back to here.  Sorry to those who don’t like Facebook links.  They morphed from answering your questions to just how and what I’m doing.  Which would be riding along, gathering cows and calves on a gorgeous fall day!

There’s lots of ummm’s and sooo’s… obviously, I’m not a great public speaker!  I guess they take the place of my dotdotdot’s!

Again, started this in the morning… took all day to load onto Facebook.

Guess I can’t win for losing.

Just in time to start writing my next blog post!

It still shows the video processing… but I’m trying to embed the link anyway.

EDITED POST:  I let my video play on my computer and filmed it “live” to Facebook… and then captured it.  Sorry, but it looked centered when I filmed it live. Oh, well… it’s creatively “up”…


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