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I’m glad you guys are liking these…

More from my ride the other day…


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  1. Yes, lots of grass! About over the dog’s head. Q: How do the cows know where to go? Is there a rider up at the head of the heard leading the way, or ?? (I know you will think this is a stupid question, but oh well, I’m interested in knowing that!)

    • Not stupid at all! Cows pretty much know where they’re going because they’ve done it before. We also work with the topography, going the easy way they might wander on their own, instead of a straight line over hills and such… and, yes, we usually have someone up in the lead making sure they go the right direction!

  2. Loved this video! How wonderful to see these cattle out in nature, not a feedlot in sight. I’ve been out of town, but will now have to catch up on your posts that I missed, and watch the other video you made!

  3. Thanks again Carol!
    I thought of 2 questions what are Chuckers? Some type of pheasant or grouse?
    And about how many miles did you ride that day or maybe how many hours?
    The cows really do have a lot of grass to eat. I am supporting by buying local grass fed beef back here in the mountains of North GA and NC.

    • Chukars are a small partridge. They are gamebirds, and yes, I’ve eaten them. They explode out of the grass with a squeaking that always gets your attention! They are known to fly downhill and run uphill… and if you’re hunting them, you get a workout! That day we only rode… maybe three hours? It’s just one pasture, so it’s not an all day event. Thanks for supporting the beef industry!

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