Yellowstone Trip

We blasted over to Yellowstone for the first time in a looooong time…

and strangely enough, when you go… people ask about the animals you saw… NOT if you enjoyed Old Faithful!

Here’s our tally:

buffalo: tons!

elk: nine

antelope : none

mule deer: one

moose: none

wolves: none

black bear: none

grizzly: one

The only elk we saw was *IN* Mammoth Hot Springs… the town in the north of the park.  This guy bugled just two minutes later…

This old guy was alone along the edge of Yellowstone Lake.

The easy way to spot grizzlies is to look for their entourage.  She was right at the edge of my pic on the left…

See her?  This is a four year old… just recently left her mom, though many grizzlies leave at age two.  Her mom is tolerating her presence in her territory for now, but she will have to move on and find her own space soon.  Look dead center of this photo.  Tomorrow, I will post a “zoomed in” photo!


Yellowstone Trip — 6 Comments

  1. Me too. Couldn’t find her in the second one, but not too hard in the third. I even tried to look in the direction the big lenses were pointed.
    Loved the elk.

  2. I found her in the bottom photo, but even zooming in, I can’t find her in the other picture, I gotta get out there! thanks for sharing your adventure!

  3. Interesting. We visited twice in the last two years. We saw no elk, but about the same results otherwise. What happened to all the moose that I remember seeing as a kid? I think the buffalo have over populated.

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