Yellowstone Rocks

It does.  REALLY.

Yellowstone rocks.

Yellowstone rocks are fantastic.

If you have the slightest interest in geology… Yellowstone is a great destination.  I mean, most of the time you’re wandering over a volcanic caldera measuring 34 x 45 miles.  That’s impressive.  The following is just a small amount of photos of some of the coolest rocks.

Imagination runs rampant with the breccia formations along the North Fork of the Shoshone River between Cody and Yellowstone.

Just inside the East Gate, Sylvan Pass was full of tumbling rocks and ice fog when we drove by.  It’s spooky to hear rocks falling through the fog… wondering how much of the mountain might come down!

We had to visit the large petrified Redwood Tree…

The basalt columns caught my eye in many places…

along the highway…

And, especially, at Sheepeater’s Cliff.

Nothing can compare to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, with its dreamy colors that shift and dance with the varying light.

Leaving Yellowstone, you pass through Teton National Park.  Oh, the quintessential Wyoming picture!  The Tetons always delight.


I’d say Yellowstone ROCKS.


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  1. Thanks, Carol. These pics brought a smile to my face as I remembered our trip with the 2 girls in 1988 or so. Loved it!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Now that I am retired I am longing to get back to Yellowstone and Cody that I visited when I was 28 years old…quintessential Wyoming and unforgettable. Thank you for the interesting rock and views.

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