Grand Prismatic Spring

There’s really no more colorful and large geothermal feature in Yellowstone prettier than the Grand Prismatic Spring.  When Vernon suggested our trip, I immediately said I wanted to go to the Grand!  It’s not far from Old Faithful… and I knew it would be crowded.  It didn’t matter, because way back sometime, I’d discovered how, using Photoshop, you could get rid of tourists in your photos!!!

Well, I found out AFTER I’d been to the Alamo… so that didn’t work… and it’s not a usual problem for me… but I knew it could be done.  Unfortunately, I really didn’t check how many photos you should probably stack in Photoshop to do this process.  Sure enough, I really didn’t have the correct amount.  I found that out this morning.

You get tourists in my photos.  Sorry.

It’s simply amazing, right?  LOOK AT THE COLORS!

I was busy, snapping pics… when the overlook was bombarded with a bus load of tourists and Vernon was ready to leave!

Well, I tried.  Next time I go… I’ll have a better plan!  It doesn’t change the fact, that I got to see it… after many years of just driving by!

Go to the Grand… you’ll not regret it!


Grand Prismatic Spring — 3 Comments

  1. Wow! the colors ARE amazing! Sure wish I had seen that in person. As far as tourists go, I hardly got a decent picture of Lake Louise in Alberta because of the bus-loads of people. But memory will prevail as to how absolutely stunning these areas are.

  2. I always get up early to explore, lots of tourists like to sleep in- or I stick to country outside the parks, the back roads are fun to explore also-

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