#TBT : The Hunt

If you’re not a fan of hunting… leave quickly.

I know many of you just love the old ranch photos I post for #tbt.  I do too.

I also sometimes feel that the Greet side of my family gets all the attention!  Well, I’m a Burton!

While not raised on a ranch, my family was an outdoor family.  We camped.  We hiked. We fished.  We hunted.  My dad made sure I knew how to run a shovel, change a flat, garden, mow the lawn, and do carpentry.  I believe he was training me up to be a ranch wife before we even moved to Wyoming!

I grew up eating deer, antelope, moose, seal, caribou, elk, trout, salmon, ducks, pheasants, sage chickens, and dove.  Whatever we caught or killed, we ate.  Beef only happened once in a while!

Being the baby of the family, I begged to go along on those hunts… Finally, at age fourteen, after hundreds of rounds of ammo shot in practice, did my dad take me antelope hunting.  Oh, there’s more to the story…

But since we’re getting ready for the onslaught of hunters to arrive for opening day on the fifteenth, and the Harvest Dinner is Saturday night, I just thought I’d share a #tbt to hunting season.  I don’t really hunt any more since Vernon isn’t a fan of game meat… but for many years, it was a huge part of my life…

Obviously, I’m a big hat devotee, as well!

I do have my rifle, a sweet little .243, model 600… and a ton of memories!


#TBT : The Hunt — 4 Comments

  1. Wow…I admire your hunting skills SO much! Those are beautiful photos…if they weren’t sent into hunting magazines, they should have been! :). You should be very proud. Love the hats too! 🙂
    Great post!

  2. WOW! Yep, your Dad was getting you ready to be a great ranchers wife. Good choice on the rancher too. tee hee Growing up on game is a good thing.

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