Winter Prep

Spent the day prepping for winter… roll up hoses, finish that shelf in the garage to hold my cold frame and lawn chairs, pick up toys out of the yard… nothing great, but the standard maintenance anyone with outdoor space has to do!

When the first snow came, and I hadn’t done any of this, it has a tendency to suddenly take priority!  Luckily, it’s warmed back up and the snow has melted.  I’ve left hoses and flower pots out all winter by delaying this process and having snow bury them… and gained cracked hoses and pots to show for it!  I’m not done… more of it will happen today, and there’s not a grand photo to inspire you, not from today.

How about a photo from a while back?



Winter Prep — 3 Comments

  1. Lovely colours in the photo. I’ve seen lots of colour at the Quilt Show not far from here. Lots of visitors from all over UK. LOADS of talented people exhibiting quilts. Where do they find the time!!! We’re still having mild dry days but like you stuff needs sorting and putting away before it gets cold.

  2. We have not had snow yet, but that is the same job I’m facing. Hose is hung, but loads of puppy toys to pick-up, clean and put away.

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