#TBT: Kennedy

Maybe the title is a bit misleading…

Everyone expects President Kennedy when I say that… but for this Throwback Thursday, I’m talking about Kennedy Underwood, my great-grandfather.  I barely know anything about him… Born in Indian Territory (Oklahoma), about 1860, he died in 1915.

This photo is a copy of a copy of a copy…

He looks to be a tall man… and I have no clue as to the man who is standing beside his chair.

So many questions…


#TBT: Kennedy — 4 Comments

  1. It would surely be interesting to find out more about your great grandfather and the other man in the photo. But at least you have the photo which is so good for you to have for a connection (if mysterious) to your past! It’s a treasure.

  2. I love the old photos. I have a bunch with people I’m not sure of and stories in my memory from decades ago that may or may not match. It’s fun!

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