Birthday and Presents

Victoria and family were lucky enough to make it over the mountain to celebrate her birthday.  We were also supposed to move cows, but decided not to due to the weather.  That left plenty of time for cousins to play together… and brothers and sister to tease each other!

The girls were happy to help unwrap presents… the boys were more about the fruit pizza she had for her “cake”.

I was excited about my presents…

I made some beeswax wraps… cotton cloth coated with beeswax.  You supposedly can use them like plastic wrap, covering bowls, wrapping sandwiches or cut fruit or cheese.  I mean, people used to use wax paper for everything, right?  Anyway, I’m making more of them, but Victoria gets to be my test subject!

Then I used a couple of photos to customize a dish towel…

And the lid to a cake pan!  Now, maybe you don’t use cake pans with lids like we do around here… but hauling desserts or whatever to brandings and along trail drives like we do… metal lidded pans are golden!  Of course, I had to use a pic of our centennial sign for Victoria…

Happy birthday, Toria!  I love you so much!


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