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I’m thrilled to say I *finally* finished my custom order for burned spoons!  Just on the off chance that a recipient who will be getting one of these might read my blog… I’m not showing their names that are burned into the handle, nor the reverse little icon, either.

I just finished the hawk tonight, and I’m so happy I changed my original design to this one!  I think he looks pretty awesome.

This was fun… We talked about these women’s professions and interests and hobbies… and then… I just drew what came to me!

Thanks, C., for ordering these for your friends… and I hope they enjoy them!


Order Up! — 11 Comments

  1. Very very cool! And being the nerd that I am, I had to look up what the Dewey Decimal system showed for 787.89. Are ukeleles something the giver wanted or did you just randomly choose a subject?

    • I really am not set up to take a lot of orders… though, I could work with that kind of timeline! 😉 Thanks for thinking of me, though.

  2. These are great, such talent! I tried to reach you to order some as well but didn’t get response from your email. How can I contact you to order some? Thank you,
    Judy Whitfield

    • Judy, I’m not set up to do a lot of work, though I’m thrilled you would want some! I just do them when the whim strikes… or a relative begs me to! 😉 I just don’t have the time to do custom orders, unfortunately. Thanks again though… if I *do* get some made, after the local shops are refilled, and I’ve done one or two for our library silent auction… I’ll sure post them and offer them online!

      • Thank you, Carop. What shops carry them and I will contact them. Thanjs so much!

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