She’s So Pretty

Look what arrived today!  My new “toy”!

The one and only photo I have on it so far, is my favorite photo of Lucas that I had to set as my desktop background.  It seems to be much faster than my old one… and I will have to go get some pics tomorrow to start my next collection!

Say what you want about Apple… they build a gorgeous product!  I fight with all those wires on the computers at work… and this little baby has ONE… and no tower…

She’s so pretty!


She’s So Pretty — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful photo. I just switched from PC to Mac. There is a slight learning curve but overall, I’m very happy. I got a MacBook Pro because I needed the portability of a laptop. OMG, editing photos in PhotoshopCC is so much faster and easier. I love my Mac and will not be going back to PC once my old PC laptop dies. More expensive…yes, but so worth the money!

  2. Lucky you!! I think when my PC finally dies, I’ll switch to a Mac. And your title fooled me! As I scrolled down I saw the picture first and thought, “that’s Lucas!” Hmmm…then I read on. Enjoy your new “toy”!

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