New Ride

When Vernon starts checking out new vehicles… I just stand back because I know one is coming! The blue Grand Cherokee is sold… the new silver Cherokee Trailhawk is here!  It’s smaller and fancier, and a little aggressive.  I keep thinking I need a NX-01 window cling for it for some reason… Don’t worry, my Durango isn’t going anywhere.  It gets to stay because I can load a table and coolers and kids and dogs and take them up the mountain!

Deer, please stay away… my new little Jeep doesn’t want to meet you!


New Ride — 6 Comments

  1. LOL! It must be a farmer/rancher thing. Craig is the same way. Shopping for something means buying that something, sooner rather than later!

  2. That’s funny…our two cars are a Grand Cherokee and a Durango! I’m not familiar with the Trailhawk, but it is sure pretty! Have fun breaking it in! 🙂

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