#TBT : High Waters

My sister shared this with me today…

Who’s that little cowgirl with THE MOST AWESOME RED COWBOY HAT?

Hey, I like hats… but I must say, I prefer my custom hat from Greeley Hat Works MUCH BETTER than that red classic!

We’re standing in front of my dad’s boat, the “Charlie Brown”.  “Charlie” for my dad… and “Brown”, for Mr. Brown, the other half’s owner.  My dad was good at selling “shares” of things so we could afford them.  He sold 5 quarters of a horse once… good ol’ Lightning, who was scared of everything… and not very fast… but he did pack out Daddy’s elk when called to…

What my sister and I laughed at the most?  Those snazzy high water pants!  My brother seems to be the only one with common sense back then!


#TBT : High Waters — 5 Comments

  1. What a great family photo! I bet that brought back many old memories. What a cutie that is with the red cowboy hat! You knew your destiny even then, didn’t you! :o}

  2. good look’n family- So much fun to look at old pictures, mom had a cardboard box of old ones we would get out once in a while & get both memories & laughs while look’en at’em! I even enjoy looking at old photos I find in antique stores, have a family photo I bought of the most mixed up bunch of folks ever, have no clue who or where they were, only guess-

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