Storm’s Coming… and a New Year, Too

While the guys take care of the livestock, all I have to do is check on the chickens… Some fodder, some water, and some grains and scraps to peck at, what more can a chicken want? Well, since the high is supposed to be only 7˚, with wind chill of below zero… maybe… a heat lamp?

Easy peasy, it’s been going since November.

And they enjoy it.

Then there’s that new year coming up…

Do you reflect on the old year? Or do you eagerly await the new?

My best wishes for a New Year full of grace and love, joy and peace.


Storm’s Coming… and a New Year, Too — 9 Comments

  1. Wishing you and yours, and all the readers, a wonderful New Year! That probably includes the chickens!!!! Life is good.

  2. Yes, I like to reflect on the past year, what gave me joy, what mistakes were made that I can learn from. Looking forward to this new year, new adventures, meeting new people, forming stronger bonds with my current friends. Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you Carol, for continuing to share your adventures and lovely pictures with us.

  3. Happy New Year Carol and everyone!
    I look forward to seeing your beautiful pictures every morning to start my day!
    Thanks for taking the time to include us in your life. Hoping for a great 2019. And Grateful!

  4. Happy New Year to my favorite Wyoming blogger! My 18 year old son had surgery early this morning, and he is recovering nicely here at home tonight. So, for us, this New Year has begun on a very blessed and happy note. I look forward to enjoying your photos and stories in the year ahead!

  5. What lovely words to take forward into the new year. Those words and the Gate of the Year poem by Minnie Louise Haskins (pub 1908) will be the best advice to go forward into 2019. Happy New Year to you and your family. Glad the chicken is home.

  6. Happy New Year to you & everyone enjoying spending time with you! I like your chickens, we just raised plain white ones, they look so toasty warm! I’m looking forward to traveling new places in ’19 !

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