Badlands Snow

I rode with the guys on their rotation day to open water for the cows in the badlands pasture. We take turn with other ranchers in the allotment. Wyoming was hit with intense cold and a blizzard the day before, so this trip could be interesting.

The little two track road was often drifted in, but between our Dodge, Vernon’s driving, and the occasional off road detour, we made it. Snow packed the front of the pickup.

We dropped off Brandon on the four wheeler to check on a few water tanks.

We continued on out, checking on the generator that pumps water to our storage tank. Only once did we have to take a second run at a hill to make it through! It’s a trip that might unnerve a few people… the stuttering chug as the four wheel drive forced its way through the snow… plastering the windshield into whiteout condition.

The cows seemed fairly happy, spread out and grazing, with only nine standing in the corner, wanting to head home for the winter. While most people grumble at the wind of a blizzard, it bares off hills so the grass is still available. If the snow fell deeply with no wind, it would be more difficult on the cattle, as they don’t paw through snow like horses do.

Our circle complete, we headed home, picking up Brandon along the way.


Badlands Snow — 5 Comments

  1. You shared a lot of “new” information (for me as a reader) about winter work on your ranch. With the cows in different pastures, blizzard and cold, frozen water etc. I continue to enjoy the posts and pictures.

  2. Well done on looking after your cattle in the cold. Over here in middle England we’ve had temps below zero the past few nights but above zero in the day. Take care of yourselves and keep warm.

  3. Reminds me of back in the day. Of course I am not in the badlands oh how I wish.
    Our winters were though in the Midwest. Especially when we had cattle out in the fields. The snow would blow so hard.
    I just remember it being a rush as a kid bucking the snow drifts to go and feed‼️

  4. When I was much younger I wanted to work on a ranch- I have learned so much from your postings, glad I stayed on the farm till I went to town to work- We had it made with our few cows in the barn yard in winter-

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