I’m sorry, this round of germ warfare is lasting forever. Last Friday it started and I’ve been in a relative non-moving fog ever since. I felt a bit better yesterday, so I thought I’d make a good dinner for Vernon, who has been politely living off his supply of frozen food… of course, we are out of store bought bread, so I figured buns were in order.

The recipe box opened to a neighbor’s sweet bread recipe, which also stated “good for donuts”. That sounded really good, so half to buns, half to donuts, was the plan! Now, honestly, I’ve never made donuts. I remember the neighbor sending fresh donuts with her husband, and I teased her about showing the rest of us wives up!

Like I said, I’m not a great cook, and I felt they’d just be greasy and a waste of time, but Vernon deserved a treat for putting up with my zombie state. I was bound to try them FINALLY.

Just as I was shaping them, Vernon comes in early from work, and heads straight to the couch. Now he’s caught the crud and has no appetite! Great.

They are edible, though far from impressive… and now whoever stops by gets these donuts!

Hoping this fog lifts and I get back on schedule…


Fog — 6 Comments

  1. Hope you both feel better soon. There is such weird stuff going around. My digestion is off or I would be wanting one of those myself.
    Grandchildren are great (although I have none of my own) but small children are germ magnets. When I worked in an elementary school, I learned not to touch anything and to wash my hands well all the time.
    Congratulations on making donuts!!!

  2. Well, they look scrumptious! Also, in my book, you get 3 medals, 1 for baking + 2 for baking despite not feeling well at all. Hope you feel much better soon, both of you!

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