Ag Days

Once again, it was time for the local WESTI Ag Days in Worland. If you remember, I was a speaker here last year, right before Vernon and I took our vacation to San Francisco.

This time I wasn’t a speaker, but I had a few spoons, and jewelry, and photos, and paintings, and calendars for sale. Did I take a picture of my booth? No. Duh.

This one isn’t mine!

I had fun, I spent most of the day talking to enjoyable and interesting people. I do have to tell you about one young lady, though… She was working on her project about edible crickets.


Chirp, chirp crickets.

The little rat turd sized treats were coated in peanut butter, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. I had a milk chocolate one. It was just a crispy bit of chocolate… and nothing memorable about that. I guess the savory flavored ones had been a failure as they retained their cricket look and therefore had an unappealing look to them.

There were arguments for crickets and against beef…

This young lady knew her subject inside and out, up and back. She’s doing great for being a junior in high school.

And though I thought she was doing a good job, somehow, I just cannot see people giving up their t-bone for a sack full of dried crickets.


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  1. That was nice of you to show interest in the young Ladies Crickets, BUT I will stay with the steak.

    Bless her heart, she at least learned about her Crickets.
    Glad you had a good day visiting. Sharon Drake. South central Kansas

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