#TBT: Oh, Else

Butcher’s Foothills Elsa

If you haven’t been here long, you probably never got to meet Elsa. I’m really sorry for you. She was sweetness and grace, loving and quiet (most of the time). It’s been six years today that I lost her.

The post I wrote about her passing is one of my favorites because it tells of her initiation into Greet Ranch… which was a horrible mistake on my part. But it is telling of the forgiving nature of these wonderful dogs, no matter how stupid their people act!

She became a good cowdog, and continued to teach me throughout our relationship. Please, please, take the time to read the final post about Elsa…


#TBT: Oh, Else — 3 Comments

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a great dog. Tears in my eyes for your loss, even though time has past, the pain and loving memories remain.

  2. As I only found you in 2014, I re read your final post. What a beautiful member of your family Elsa was. So glad you have lots of happy/funny memories of her.

  3. You wrote so beautifully about Elsa, and the rawness of your grief when you wrote it was heartbreaking.
    Thanks for sharing Elsa with those of us who are newer readers.

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