On occasion, I wander down and help the guys with this project. For years, Brandon has been fighting with an old corrugated pipe at the beginning of his irrigation ditch. Over the past few days, they’ve ripped out the old, replaced with new, and hopefully made this more efficient.

It stretches from here… clear through the corral… under three fences… and almost to the big cottonwood in the distance.

Just one more improvement to keep the place running!


Pipeline — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve dug a lot of trenches for natural gas pipe lines, but never in red dirt or conditions quite like that! how’ed you like to hire an old time backhoe operator? that pipe should last forever-

  2. It looks like it will be a big improvement and will help with your water needs. You’re fortunate to have those big fellas helping to keep the place thriving. Good job guys!

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