Spring Work

The guys are busy plowing, discing, and fertilizing the fields… it’s magical how we instantaneously turn into farmers…

Well, I have my farming to do as well!

The garden is now clean and tilled… next I’ll see what compost/straw/manure I can find to add to it. I’ve debated about moving my tomato watering buckets… still no decision on that!

While I finished that job and waited to figure out my next plan… I started on this flowerbed… lots of leaves blew in there this winter!

Still more to do… but that’s what tomorrow is for!


Spring Work — 3 Comments

  1. I’m sure the farm is wonderful in the Spring! My best friend Jerri who had the best looking yard in her neighborhood said she didn’t plant until after Memorial Day with the unpredictable May weather in WY.
    I’m remembering that although being friends with her didn’t give me any more of a green thumb! She always loved to come visit your farm!

    • Only onions, carrots, and lettuce will go in… my mom taught me well… though I sure don’t have her green thumb!

  2. now days I do my gardening at the farmers markets, there are so many I like to visit, but in my small garden I have winter wheat, planted last fall, just like the “real” farmers, & oats I sewed this spring, both crops are looking great, but I always plant 2 cherry tomato plants, like to snack on ‘the small tomatoes when I’m working in the yard! for years after I left the farm for my town job, I got the urge to get on a tractor & head to the field, love the smell of fresh worked dirt!

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