Cody Horse Sale

The horse sale was back in Cody. We’ve gone to it off and on… Panama, Winchester, and Zip have all come from there. Daniel and Tess were excited to go, Vernon was wishy-washy for quite a while… he could get some things done, but he could haul up his four wheeler to the mechanic to look at… by the time he finally decided to go, I’d already told Tess I’d babysit the kids so she could go childless.

Well, they now livestream the sale on Facebook, so I did get to watch the actual sale… and Tess sent me a couple of pics from the preview.

These two were Daniel’s picks, but they both went for right at $10,000. Our pockets aren’t quite that deep!

The high seller was $36,000, which I think is just ridiculous. Lots of the horses going through were draft crosses, I guess people are trying to get more bone in their horses, but it doesn’t really appeal to us. We do need speed on occasion, something quick and responsive, something draft horses aren’t usually known for!

Oh, well, we’re usually looking for a horse or two… and we will keep on looking…


Cody Horse Sale — 3 Comments

  1. my pick is #1, the grey horse, If there’s a grey in the Kentucky Derby, that’s always my pick there also, amazing how high horses sell, I like to watch a good cutting horse work-I’d have a hard time staying on!

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