Something Done

Wheeee. If I worked this hard every day, I may start to lose weight! I know that’s not too valid of a concern… but, whoa.

I rototilled the garden one more time, and planted onions, carrots, and lettuce. I’m not too concerned about the other plants quite yet… there’s still time for a snow storm to sneak in.

I mowed some lawn… using the walk behind little mower since my big one wants to be temperamental. I’m also looking into buying a new big one! Having a bigger mower is essential as I mow around buildings outside of my lawn and a little walk behind mower would take me FOREVER.

I started adding some manure to a flower bed and digging up some weeds and thistles that want to call it home.

I also started woodburning a present for a friend. Unfortunately, I’m getting fancier… and her birthday is tomorrow. Plan on a late present, KJ, no surprise there, eh?

The guys are farming… leveling a field, spraying for alfalfa weevil, and repairing the stuff that seems to break down right when you first go to work! We will be branding this weekend… so there’s some of that preparation thrown in the mix too.

As Vernon often says after a day like today… maybe tomorrow we can get something done.


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