#TBT: Horsepower

Here’s another oldie shared by a relative… Since many of us are sweating through some hot weather… look closely at this pic to help you cool off! This six horsepower hitch is being used to pull out a tractor from … Continue reading

Pretty Girls in Pretty Country

I was privileged to take Lacee’s four year old pics today… and Reagan’s six month ones as well. It was very difficult to choose my favorites! … Continue reading

#TBT: Still Branding

A Throwback Thursday post that’s a little mixed up. Here’s Johnny roping and dragging a calf during a branding in July of 1961… And here’s Johnny at our branding in June of 2018… with grandsons holding the calf and granddaughter … Continue reading

Old Cowhands

With branding accomplished, it’s been time to move the cattle out to various pastures.  Some go here… some go there… Some are easy, short rides… some not so much!  It just depends.  All of our property is not contiguous.  While … Continue reading

#TBT: May Snow

I recently received some old family photos… and scrolling through them on my computer, it was hard to choose which to share first. I finally decided on this series of three pics taken May 4, 1929.  Now we’re just rolling … Continue reading