Photos shamelessly stolen from Megan tonight… Quinlan won first place for his poetry book in the Young Authors competition. What a talented and sweet young man he is! … Continue reading

A Little Fun

It seems like forever since everyone was healthy and the intensity of an overly cold and snowy calving season wasn’t hanging over our heads… time to get the grands together and go sledding! Well, they went sledding… Reagan toddled around … Continue reading

#TBT: Cardboard Treasures

As Johnny continues to clean and organize his basement, more cardboard boxes full of “treasure” have appeared. For instance, right now we have a box full of letters and cancelled checks and other papers from 1933-1949. The letter tells of … Continue reading

#TBT: Sudden Tears

I’m watching old home movies lately for kicks and giggles. I started looking for a video of my mom playing jacks… but just kept on watching. It’s awfully fun to compare my grandkids to their parents “back in the day.” … Continue reading

Miss Her

Oh, how I still miss her. She could whistle like a song bird and make any chore fun. She was great at playing jacks, and she could grow a great garden. She led by example, with grace and faith. Her … Continue reading