Branding Portraits, Three

Fire tenders… yes, Quinlan’s face is filthy… We reenacted the cooks’ photo from this post… That’s all, folks!  Thanks for putting up with my “fun”. (This post is late due to NO POWER last night… extreme weather in Wyoming, torrential … Continue reading

Branding Portraits

At branding, I’m running the bar part of our A bar A brand.  That means I visit every calf to apply the brand.  That doesn’t leave much time for photography!  I have a bit of time since Vernon or Johnny … Continue reading

That Works

I’ve noticed bright, colorful flower pots for sale… a rainbow of colors.  I’ve been tempted… might as well have some color in your flowerbeds before the flowers actually BLOOM. But you know me, I didn’t want to spend the $$$ … Continue reading

#TBT: Old Ways

Just to prove some ways just work the best for us… No date. … Continue reading