Wordless Wednesday – “When You Appreciate the Warmth of the Sun”

Sunshine Strength Puzzle … Continue reading


Welcome to the Greet Ranch, Reagan Elizabeth! … Continue reading

Got It

As usual, we incorporated a bit of work into our “day off” of Christmas tree hunting. We have what we call a “lay-down fence” in a few places around our pasture.  These are the spots that will grow huge snowdrifts … Continue reading

Tree Adventure

Vernon declared another day off, and we and Daniel, Tess, and kids headed to the mountain in search of a Christmas tree.  It’s early for us to be putting up our tree, but, gee, I do believe Tess will be … Continue reading


Today was a good mix of random activities… Cleaning up after Thanksgiving… not fun, but necessary! Taking Victoria’s boys up to ride the ponies and see little Jackpot…  Unfortunately, it turned into a bigger experience for Waylon than expected.  Jackpot … Continue reading