Questions and Answers: May 2017 Edition

Sandy G. : Thanks for posting those “old photos”. It made me think of a question to ask you: Did you teach school in the past? Do any of your daughter-in-laws or your daughter teach school? No real education experience … Continue reading

#TBT: Two Cowboys

Two cowboys pose in front of our bunkhouse… part of which you can see here, as well.  Looks like it doesn’t even have its sod roof yet! No names.  No date. … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Proud Parents”

Proud Parents Puzzle Click on the small photo above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle of the photo. Give your brain some fun time! … Continue reading

Bluebell Hill

Spent all day in town getting a haircut and cruising the greenhouses!  Oh, yeah, and buying a TON of groceries for branding dinner… I think the Q&A session will get pushed to Thursday… or Friday… it’s getting crazy around here … Continue reading

Hammer Creek

Lucas drinks out of what I call “Little Hammer Creek”… and, yes, this is much, much bigger than normal!  Here’s to hoping all that snow on the mountain comes off gently and not too fast! … Continue reading